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Electrostatic Precipitator and Fabric Filters

Precipitator Control, Operation, Maintenance and Troubleshooting

PRECICON Technologies understand the importance of proper operation and maintenance of any type of precipitator. Hence we on request help you to conduct operation, maintenance and troubleshooting of pollution control equipment in the most efficient manner. This helps to improve operational efficiency and reliability as well as life of the equipment parts. Proper operation of air pollution control equipment can directly impact your bottom line increasing production and reducing downtime costs related to maintenance. 

Expert Precipitator/ Fabric Filter Study and Evaluation

Precicon Technologies has expert technical personnel, who can study and evaluate your precipitator and fabric filters equipment, analyze performance and recommend suitable actions in the form of retrofits, rebuild or troubleshooting.  Our expert team has helped many customers to achieve higher level of production with reduced emissions and better reliability.

Engineering Audit (Fabric and Pleat Filters):

The engineering audit is an evaluation of existing ventilation and process equipment to determine what changes are required in order to maximize filtration efficiency, lower maintenance and extend equipment life. This is an engineering design evaluation that focuses on your ventilation sizing, hood, duct work and fan capacity.

Engineering audit consists of following:

Computerized Fluid Modelling (CFD)

An essential condition for the satisfactory operation of the ESPs is to ensure uniform flow over the cross section of ESPs so that the available collection area of the ESP is effectively utilized. Poor Gas Distribution is often the “invisible and mysterious” problem haunting many customers. 

Precicon Technologies help you to identify the existence of gas distribution problem and offer the technically viable solution of installing flow correction devices based on computerized fluid modeling techniques.

The first step is to look for symptoms indicating gas distribution problems. We further verify this by conducting Gas distribution Tests where possible. 

Once the problem is reasonably established computerized modeling techniques are employed by creating a geometrically similar model and simulating the boundary conditions. Several iterations are conducted to ensure uniform flow as per ICAC criteria. The final model of flow correction devices are designed in details fabricated and installed during a short shutdown. A gas distribution test is normally again conducted to verify the effectiveness,

APC Planning Service Packages


PRECICON Technologies’ Electrostatic Precipitator division is committed to provide the industry with the best system solution available. This commitment has been our trade mark and the key to our ongoing success ever since we did our first precipitator.

PRECICON Technologies is one of the leading suppliers of electrostatic precipitator and our staff has vast experience in providing optimum solutions for almost any engineering application. 

Our comprehensive system services Program managed by after sales services department plays an important role in these total systems solutions and we focuses grooving need in the future, due to most clients demanding higher level of reliability without involving large amounts of resources themselves in the maintenance process.

With our vast experience and expert engineers, we are both able and ready to assist any customer with matters pertaining to any precipitator of any OEM in the world. 

In connection with hot line services, Troubleshooting, Up-grade and Erection work, we supply complete electrostatic precipitator parts worldwide. 

We provide services as below

Each of these services groups consists of several other subservices and our flexible services concept, theses subservices can be combined any way desired by the customer to enter in to contract services or services visit.

Engineering Testing and Services

To maximize the operating efficiency of your precipitator, all parts of your system must function at the highest possible level. In order to determine the efficiency of your precipitator, we can conduct in depths tests of its operation parameters. The results of these tests give you a quantities indication of how your system is performing and where improvements need to be made.

Following are the areas available:


Skill, Responsiveness. Your Precipitator is in good hands

Our erection team is highly skilled specialties who work exclusively on precipitators and APC equipments. They know exactly what to do in every situation. After all they have probably already seen several other units with the same problems. Our supervisors and technical advisors have vast amount of experience with every major precipitator design. They know the secrets and common flaws inherent in the OEM designs. That kind of knowledge can be invaluable when troubleshooting and performing inspection. All field employees from welder to consultants to technicians are trained in site safety, new technology,   first aid. 

Precicon Technologies expert team specialties includes

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