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Electrostatic Precipitator Parts


PRECICON Technologies supplies complete internal replacement parts for nearly every OEM’s style in the world……

Frail electrodes like strips and weighted wires eventually fail leading to shorted fields and reduced performance. PRECICON manufactures rigid discharge electrode to increase ESP reliability. However keeping in view of modern requirements, PRECICON Technologies have developed unique and highly effective method of replacing all outdated weak electrodes like spring and strip type with state of the art rigid electrodes within the shortest time available with the bare minimum of dismantling activity

If discharge electrodes fails in your precipitator you have to shut down the grounded field or remove the short element from inside, most of the time it is not possible to remove  the short electrode element in online condition. Shutting down field can result in excessive and disruptive to your whole plant. When you think about  it in this way, those seemingly insignificant electrode take on greater  importance.

We take great care to ensure our discharge electrode are most reliable, best engineered and most trouble free electrodes available with highest quality of raw material.


PRECICON Technologies provides a wide range of electrode materials, all chosen to increase the reliability of the product. Our technocrats can help you to choose the material for your dust and gas chemistry and will specify electrode diameter and configuration to produce the corona onset voltage. We can customize the electrode for different electrical profile of your precipitator. 


PRECICON Technologies supplies various design to fit any dry type precipitator. We also supply complete line of replacement and upgraded weights for any weighted wire precipitator.


Most of the precipitators are designed with rigid electrodes. One rigid electrode replaces two wire / strip type discharge electrodes and rigid design is far more reliable over time. Our designed RDE’s pin spacing is customized to give you the best electrical performance of each field.  Depends on the dust load   we offer V-pin and opposed pin design and their pin spacing can be modified to match the electrical characteristics of the field in which they will be used.

Key Benefits:

Rapper Assemblies and Impact Trains

Rappers perform a very critical part of the dust removal process after collection. Like many other components both over and under working of rapping can limit ESP performance. PRECICON Technologies offers all types of rapper/hammer assemblies and parts associated with rapping systems including impact train components to fit nearly every OEM design, both top and bottom (American and European design) rapping type ESPs with replacement including Shafts, Coupling, Shoes, Sockets, Rapper rods, Boot seal, Fittings FRP Insulators Seals.

Collecting Electrodes to Fit the Most of the Precipitator Design

Years of experience with inspections, evaluations, troubleshooting, rebuild different precipitators designs have enabled them to develop damage resistance collecting plates for direct replacement plates for many OEM’s. PRECICON Technologies offers our special design can be retrofitted in to most precipitators, providing outstanding versatility and durability under extreme conditions.


The electrical insulators used in precipitators should be of high quality in terms of electrical dielectric strength, mechanical compression strength as well as high temperature withstanding capacity. In the absence of such qualities, the operation of the precipitators will be severely crippled. PRECICON Technologies provides right insulator solutions by offering up to 85% alumina support insulators, rapper shaft insulators and anti sway blades backed up by stringent quality control.

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