Bag Filter Services

Reducing Particulate Matter

Bag Filter Services

The finest filtration provides the highest level of control

PRECICON Technologies supplies complete fabric filter collector systems, pleat filters systems, reverse air bag filters spares and complete accessories parts to fit every OEM style.

We always had the important customer’s goals in mind while providing the pollution control systems, quality parts, solutions and services for the industrial air pollution control (APC) equipment that dozens of industries have come to trust. Particulate matter control has never been more of an issue than it is now and what more, the allowable norms are getting stringent with every passing day.  The need to enhance the performance of existing fabric filters and electrostatic precipitators using state of the art technology and the most modern retrofit ideas is important to optimize production capability and profitability.

Through years of all round expertise based in a total system approach PRECICON can help you to find the problem areas of your ventilation system and provide the integrated technology and services you need to optimize it. By manufacturing most of what we offer, we customize products to fit almost any specific OEM styles.

We have solved just about every type of dust collection problem in various industrial applications. With an expert team of engineers, technicians & emission experts to serve you PRECICON can be your preferred choice for particulate matter. 

Our innovative product line includes

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