Bag Filter Services

The finest filtration provides highest level of control

Bag Filter Spares

In addition to above PRECION Technologies offers a complete selection of replacement parts and accessories items for all types of bag filters designs. The following is list of components




Why choose us?

Our manufacturing operates according to a quality assurance program that guarantees the right product built to give you the performance you expect.

Raw Material Inspection: Incoming material is inspected to verify the condition of material, quantity, chemical composition and materials not confirming to our specifications are immediately returned to the supplier.

In Process Inspection: Every order is inspected, tested prior to dispatch and results are documented and reviewed by our quality assurance manager. The manufacturing processes are also reviewed periodically for effectiveness.

Special Parts Manufacturing: Every ESP/Fabric filter parts are continuously inspected to ensure compliance with specifications.

Calibration: All calipers, micrometers are calibrated at regular intervals.

Welding: All welders are certified with the latest requirements.

Individual Involvement: Consistent quality can’t be achieved unless everyone understands the effect they have on product performance. Precicon Tech job training includes complete product applications, manufacturing process and current industry requirement.

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