ESP Project Services

Get the maximum out of your Existing Precipitator system

Electrostatic Precipitator Project Services

The question often asked is can we derive extra performance from old precipitators? The answer is “You can”! OEMs often leave, intentionally or unintentionally, a lot of extra margin that can be utilized.

Precicon Technologies with its most modern technical tools will show you how! Also old systems often lack support from original equipment’s manufacturers due to various reasons. This often causes problems resulting in loss of productivity & reduction in efficiency for most of today’s ESP systems.

Precicon ESP parts, solutions & Services are calculated and engineered to keep the ESP at peak performance. We have working experience in nearly 20 different industries with all major brands. This enables PRECICON Technologies to provide integrated solutions to enhance original equipment performance to peak levels. PRECICON Technologies Provides internal parts and services to help keep your ESP running efficiently & profitably while meeting current and future particle requirements. We, while working on solutions, keep a perfect balance between your capital and running costs. Also, our schemes always aim at achieving the result with the minimum shut down period.

Our combination of innovative products includes:

  • Conversion: Bottom Side Rapping to Top Rapping / Tumbling Hammer to MIGI Rapping
  • Conversion: Weighted Wire to Rigid Discharge Electrode
  • Precipitator Rebuilds
  • Precipitator Electricals of Electrostatic Performance Enhancement
  • Precipitator Parts /Components
  • ESP to hybrid Filter Conversion

When considering the cost of new equipment upgrade, conversion or rebuilt, we offer the most cost effective solution to help you meet current particulate matter control equipments

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