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Company Profile

Precicon Technologies with head office based in Pune is leading original equipment manufacturers for electrostatic precipitator, bag Filter, engineered equipment’s, accessories and services for air pollution control equipment. Precicon Technologies India Pvt ltd deal with air pollution control equipment and services  for electrostatic precipitator and fabric filters.  These include equipment used in industrial and utility coal fired boilers, utilities, incinerations, cement, metals, Pulp & Paper, Chemicals and carbon black. Our manufacturing facilities in Pune is continuously expanding to meet increasing demands from our valued customers.

PRECICON  Technologies handles the various segments of the air pollution market. Our products, services and direct marketing efforts are structured to be fully responsive to the environmental challenges facing today’s industrial markets. We are a fully integrated company in the industry   with our own parts manufacturing, engineering and services capabilities.

We specialize in activities requiring application of expert knowledge like green field Electrostatic Precipitator system design, sizing, rebuild, conversion and retrofit, new dust collection systems, pneumatic conveying systems and upgrading of existing fabric filter. PRECICON Technologies offers a unique perspective in evaluating the true needs of an air pollution control system.

Since we provide technical services and equipment for both electrostatic precipitator and fabric filter, we can offer unbiased advice on the best way to optimize your air pollution control system. PRECICON Technologies not only does the evaluation and engineering, we are single source manufacturers for electrostatic precipitator, bag filter and internal component parts. This ensures a high degree of quality control and reliability.

We value

Our Mission

Environmental Challenges

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Your organization and thousands more like it throughout world will be faced with the substantial environmental challenge over the next few years. Increased governmental regulation and enforcement of clean air laws will require your air pollution control equipment to consistently meet better performance standards.

Anticipating New Needs

Electrostatic Precipitator

We manufacturer in our own facilities with top quality replacement parts and up-grade components. And we have a precipitator technical staff capable of handling your every plant need from inspection to major rebuilds..

Supplying New Options

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Experience our innovative spirit, technical expertise and customer services the orientation that is making Precicon Technologies the fastest-growing air pollution Control Company in India.
There are ways to achieve your the operational goal and meet the environmental challenges.


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Buy your replacement parts from single source of Precicon Technologies.
We won’t argue with the OEM’s ability to design and engineering an Electrostatic Precipitator although we will argue that there are ways in which any design can be upgraded. When you buy from Precicon Technologies, we have complete control of manufacturing lead times, Packing and quality control. This means you get what you need, when you need it and any emergency situation we can respond immediately with our rich expertise for America, European, Chinese and Indian Precipitator designs.


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Our manufacturing operates according to a quality assurance program that guarantee right product built to give you the performance you except.


Precicon engineers are trained and experienced in all functions of APC equipment operation, erection, commissioning, maintenances and repair services. These engineers work extensively on-air quality equipment and have been providing services using specialized tools and proven safety methods.

Precicon maintains the complete job documentation, providing consistency and job familiarity from project to project. 

Services work includes