Electrostatic Precipitator Services

Get the maximum from your Existing Precipitator System.


Side Rapped Precipitators:

Bottom Side Rapping to Top Rapping / Tumbling Hammer to MIGI Rapping

PRECICON Technologies precipitator upgrades can help increase efficiency and solve problems found with Tumbling Hammer ESPs. This upgrade improves the performance of the equipment by adding electrical sections, increasing collection area to the order of 25 to 30% for better performance. This kind of modification facilitates easier maintenance also.

Up-grade comprises:

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Fragile Electrodes to Rigid Discharge Electrode

Many customers of outdated electrodes like strip, weighted wire or other frame mounted type precipitators are choosing to rebuild their system with more reliable rigid discharge electrode to increase performance and equipment availability.  PRECICON Technologies supply finest quality rigid discharge electrode with many available options material of construction, pin spacing. We can design and built the optimum rigid discharge electrode for the process and TR ratings, and can easily provide custom designed electrode for any precipitator applications,

Key benefits:

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