Electrostatic Precipitator Services

Helping you get the maximum out of your existing Precipitator system

ESP Electricals and Electronics

Performance impact of electrical and electronics devices used in electrostatic precipitators are often underestimated and misunderstood too. The rating and capacity of electrical equipment like Transformer Rectifier sets have to be carefully chosen matching with both the mechanical sizing and process type. The important point to remember is that both under sizing and over sizing can lower the performance by several notches. Very often the correct identification of electrical requirement and corresponding electrical retrofits can achieve the same improvement as a much costlier mechanical upgrade will incur. 

To ensure that your ESP is operation at maximum efficiency and reliability, PRECICON Technologies offers complete ESP   electrical and electronic retrofitting based on the right calculations for your equipment and process.

ESP Automatic Voltage Controller

PRECICON Technologies offers complete retrofit of voltage controllers for Transformer Rectifiers for every type of electrostatic precipitator. The controllers come with the entire essential and the latest features such as automatic spark rate controls, alarm analysis, back corona control, inbuilt oscilloscope and interfaces with computer based data acquisition.

Key benefits:

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