Bag Filter

Bag Filter System

In today’s dynamic market, where operational and fuel flexibility is increasingly important and air quality regulations are becoming more stringent. PRECICON ’s comprehensive range of Fabrice Filters offer a flexible alternative to Electrostatic Precipitators when the dust characteristics are challenging. They deliver a consistently high level of emission control regardless of fuel composition.

 Fabric filters used in used integrated applications. In addition to allowing greater customer choice and customisation, PRECICON’s Fabric Filter designs occupy a smaller space compared to other designs and require lower initial investment and save on delivery and installation times. Filter delivers reduced fine particle emissions and flexible alternatives to Electrooptic Precipitators in processes with high variability of dust.

Our Advantages


Range of low and high ratio models, sizes and filter media to suit your industrial applications.

Constant Performance

Unaffected performance by variations of fuel

Increased Fine Particle Removal

Most effective capture of particles below 10 µm

Design and Support

Precicon advanced testing facilities ensures the highest quality solutions and ongoing projects support

Low Project Costs

Low installation and operating costs

Design Features

Pulse Jet Bag Filters

Standard Specifications

PRECICON Scope of Supply - EPC Options

Solutions for various Industries and Processes










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