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Conversion: ESP to Bag Filter

The ESP has been one of the most reliable air pollution control equipment for many years. Several projects utilize this sturdy equipment in their processes. Many will continue to rely on Mthe ESP as their primary equipment for dust control. But there will be some cases where ESPs will be less preferred due to a variety of reasons. This is especially true in cement plants, where higher production rates under strict pollution control have become more important than ever. To handle increased production, an ESP may require an enviably large collection area. Other issues like together tight emissions standards are also a driver for looking beyond ESPs in many cases. Conversion of existing ESPs to bag filters is a viable option in such cases.

PRECICON Technologies makes it easy to convert precipitator to Pulse Jet bag house for increased efficiency and reduced emissions nearly to zero. A bag house offers several benefits when compared to an electrostatic precipitator.

Conversion advantages

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