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PRECICON TECHNOLOGIES offers a wide range of Electrostatic Precipitators, both top and side bottom rap designs based on suitability for all industrial applications, meeting emission compliance and operating at optimized power levels. Electrostatic Precipitators are widely used worldwide as an effective system for particulate emission control. Precicon Technologies ESPs offer a reliable solution to the demands of increasingly strict regulations for particulate matter emissions worldwide at the best price and ensuring long-term benefits. In our ESP systems, a high voltage is applied to the discharge electrode, generating a corona discharge that produces negative ions. The electrically charged dust is attracted to the collecting electrode by an electrical field. The accumulated dust is removed either by rotating hammer or electromagnetic rapping system.

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Technical Specification

Advantages of Electrostatic Precipitator


High-efficiency special design of emitting electrodes can be customized to specific requirements of different industrial applications.

High-Efficiency Particulate Removal

Lowers the emission as per the industry standard and meeting current and future emission requirement

Robust Design

Robust design with very less moving parts and high temperature withstand capacity ensures the reliability

Reduced Investment

Easy to install due to modular design and low operating costs due to negligible pressure drop.

Proven Design

Technology is backed by an unmatched level of experience and application expertise.

Meeting the most stringent regulations in a most cost economical manner

Optimum charging of the dust is fundamental to effective Electrostatic Precipitator performance and this is achieved by perfectly matching of a selection of emitting electrode design as per the application requirement.

Effective Cleaning systems prevents dust from building up on the collecting electrodes and minimizes the harmful effects like sparking and back-corona which otherwise diminishes the efficiency of the ESP especially when the dust resistivity is high.

Precicon Technologies’ electromagnetic rapping system dislodges the low and medium resistive dust accumulated over collecting electrode surface as well as on discharge electrodes with minimum re-entrainment and ensures the continuous efficiency of precipitator performance. Its design is simple and its moving parts are installed outside of the flue gas of precipitator.

On the other hand, Precicon Technologies’ tumbling hammer type rappers ensure the most effective removal of highly resistant dust accumulated on both collecting and discharge electrodes.

High-Quality Integrated ESP Power Supplies and Control system ensures the optimized performance of the ESP consistent with the type and electrical properties of the dust particles.

Unmatched Expertise and Quality that Define PRECICON ESPS

At Precicon Technologies, utmost care is taken to ensure technical excellence and quality of the final product for each and every project irrespective of the ESP size, process application or site conditions. Utmost care is given to every single detail so that the ESPs give long lasting consistent performance with bare little maintenance.

A few of the important aspects that go on to define Precicon’s comprehensive approach are as follows.

Selection of the Correct Geometry

The geometry of the designed ESP plays a big part in ensuring long lasting and effective operation of the ESPs in process plants. Precicon Technologies ensures that the number of fields, field height, field width, field length and gas passage width are selected in line with various characteristics of the flue gas and duct. Even if the required collection area is correctly chosen, improper selection of other parameters may result in medium to long term adverse effects like abrasion, re-entrainment of collected dust, difficulty in maintenance, frequent failure of components etc. Precicon Technologies attaches enormous importance to ease of maintenance, safety and suitability to process / dust properties while carefully selecting all geometrical parameters of the ESP.

Collecting Plate and Discharge Electrodes Design

While Precicon Technologies have highly standardized designs for collecting plates and discharged electrodes, the design may have to be altered significantly if the process parameters and dust characteristics so demand. While deciding on the final design, Precicon technologies weigh in all factors like the abrasiveness, electrical resistivity, hygroscopic nature, particle size, bulk density and adhesive stubbornness of the dust in question before finalizing the designs of these most important ESP components.

Collecting plates from Precicon are designed to ensure maximum response to rapping , both top as well as bottom, without mechanical damage or misalignment. The plate profiles are chosen to ensure minimum re-entrainment of collect dust during rapping. The fixing arrangement is simple and facilitates easy installation.

Precicon Technologies possess a variety of discharge electrode designs, each fitting a specific application. Since breakage of even a single electrode in a field can disrupt the operation of the entire field, care is taken to ensure that electrode breakage is totally eliminated by use of rigid type electrodes.

Gas Distribution and CFD Analysis

It is widely known that gas distribution pattern inside an ESP has a major impact on the collection efficiency of the ESP. In line with this, Precicon Technologies ensures that the influence of the ESP configuration as well as the inlet and outlet ducting on the gas distribution is within acceptable limits. This is achieved by customized design of gas distribution screens at the ESP inlet, baffles at various locations inside the ESP casing and guide vanes inside the ducting. In complicated and non-standard cases advanced techniques of computerized fluid dynamics (CFD) are also employed

Advanced Power Supplies and Controllers

The advanced power supplies and controllers are very critical in ensuring the collection of finest and most resistive dust particles. Precicon Technologies has the advantage of experience and empirical data to select the most suitable type of power supplies and controllers for every application and every field of the ESP. The commonly used power supplies are.

  1. Single Phase TR sets
  2. Three Phase TR sets
  3. Medium Frequency TR Sets
  4. High Frequency TR Sets

Every type of TR sets are not suitable in every type of application. In many cases the fields towards inlet side and fields towards outlet side may require different types of TR Sets for optimum performance.

The voltage and current ratings of the TR Sets also have critical influence on the performance. Choosing too high or too low ratings could have adverse impact on ESP efficiency. The shape of voltage and current waveforms applied to the ESP electrodes with respect to the electrical properties of the dust also matters a lot.

Precicon technologies critically evaluates these requirements and selects the right power supply of the right rating.

The controllers and their settings also have similar effect on fine tuning ESP performance. One type of setting will not suit all fields or all process applications. The wide experience of Precicon Technologies help customers with the best choice of controllers and most optimum settings in the field.

In House Manufacturing and Quality Assurance

Most of the major components that critically influence the reliability and performance of the ESPs are manufactured in house by Precicon Technologies.   This ensures tight control on the quality of components ensuring long life in the field.

The in-house facilities also ensures the lowest possible lead time in supplies. The other components which are contract manufactured, also pass through Precicon Technologies’ strict quality assurance norms. Effective control is executed right from in-house material stage to field assembly procedures. Extra precaution is taken to ensure that items are packed suitably for land, sea or air transport as the case may be. Adequate anti corrosion protection like oiling or primer painting is ensured for all steel items. All items will be marked uniquely so that tracing and assembly at site are done smoothly.

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Site Assembly and Installation

Precicon Technologies have a skilled team to undertake site assembly and installation under the most challenging conditions.

Considering limiting factors at site like space constraints, short shutdown duration available and remoteness of locations, the site installation methodology will be tailor made. The team is equally adept at completing entire installation by manual methods without the use of cranes as well as in completing installation within days by use of high capacity and long boom cranes.

The fabrication team of Precicon Technologies is adept at fabricating large parts like girders and support structures at site in strict compliance with Precicon quality standards. This is especially beneficial for customer whose plants are located at remote locations like forest areas or hilly regions. Customers also get the direct benefit of savings in transportation costs and delivery time in such cases.

All the installation activities are undertaken with the highest safety standards with regard to working at heights, working in confined spaces, using electrical equipment or while using inflammable items.


Commissioning and Servicing

A brand-new ESP contracted under stringent quality requirements will also be tested under equally stringent norms. The tests include the following.

  1. Weld tests
  2. Smoke tests
  3. Gas Distribution tests
  4. No load and air load charging tests
  5. Alarm an interlocking tests
  6. Load charging tests
  7. Performance Guarantee Tests

The successful commissioning of ESPs also involves a series of adjustments and settings of various equipment like Transformer Rectifier Power supplies, TR Controllers, Rapper Controllers, conveying equipment and protection equipment.

Precicon Technologies also undertakes proper on field training for plant engineers before the ESP is formally handed over.

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