Electrostatic Precipitator Services

Helping you get the maximum out of your existing Precipitator system

Evaluations & Technical Advisory Services

Precicon Technologies has an expert technical workforce, who work exclusively with precipitator. Our expert team has helped many customers to achieve higher levels of production with reduced emissions and better reliability. PRECICON Technologies’ ESP experience offers world class inspection to ensure the entire system is functioning as sufficiently as possible while meeting emissions requirements, experienced field services teams utilize the expertise of every type of ESP to assist in developing a comprehensive approach to maximize ESP performance.


The engineering audit is an evaluation of existing ventilation and process equipment to determine what changes are required in order to maximize filtration efficiency, lower maintenance and extend equipment life. This is an engineering design evaluation that focuses on your ventilation sizing, hood, duct work and fan capacity.

Engineering audit consists of consists of following:


An essential condition for the satisfactory operation of the ESPs is to ensure uniform flow over the cross section of ESPs so that the available collection area of the ESP is effectively utilized. Poor Gas Distribution is often the “invisible and mysterious” problem haunting many customers.

Precicon Technologies help you to identify the existence of gas distribution problems and offer the technically viable solution of installing flow correction devices based on computerized fluid modeling techniques.


PRECICON Technologies understand the importance of proper operation and maintenance of any type of precipitator. Hence we conduct training programs on request designed to help you to conduct operation and maintenance of pollution control equipment in the most efficient manner. We also train our customers in troubleshooting and solving system issues effectively. This helps to improve operational efficiency and reliability as well as life of the equipment parts. Proper operation of air pollution control equipment can directly impact your bottom line increasing production and reducing downtime costs related to maintenance. The training also focuses on understanding of APC devices and introduces new technologies.

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